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A complete set of the Paul McBeth Commemorative 6X discs. Package includes all 12 discs in the 6X collection. Heat, Undertaker, Vulture, Force, Zone, Buzzz, Athena, Hades, Malta, Anax, Zeus and Luna.

When you order this set you are getting a small piece of history.

Orders are first come, first served. As we are processing orders we will do something we’ve never done before on this scale. We will send you pictures of which discs are available, and you’ll get to choose. Yep, you heard right. You’ll get to choose from the remaining selection. Of course the selection will vary as the sets sell out. (And we may need a bit of patience, this might take a bit of time!;)

Images here are photos from Discraft, and do not reflect the exact inventory that we have received. Discs will be made available as singles if any are left on Monday, February 6th. Limit of one (1) 6X bundle per customer.

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