Sensei Active Pirate


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Limited number of max weight Senseis up for grabs!

These pirate-stamped putters were first featured in our 2022 Mystery Boxes and now you can find them as standalone products in our store selection as well. Our Active line being focused to the beginner-to-intermediate crowd, we normally produce our Active line discs in the 165-172g range. With the pirate Senseis however, we made an exception, as a need for a heavier option has emerged with the popularity of the Sensei among even the very top level players in our team.

This particular run of Senseis have earned the affectionate nickname “Phat Sensei” among the staff at our warehouse thanks to the heftier than average (173-175g) weight. You can tell these apart from your run-of-the-mill Senseis from the cheeky Pirate-themed stamp design.

The Sensei is a low profile putter that fits well in any hand size. The disc is designed for all types of approach shots and putts.

The flight of this disc is very neutral with a fairly mild fade as the speed and rotation slows down. Great choice for beginners and more experienced players alike!

Active base plastic comes with a great price point and offers a good grip. This plastic wears down as it gets used, offering gradually more turn for the flight of the disc.

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Grey/Pink – 173-175g