Kahu Cosmic


The Kahu is a great high speed driver with gentle turn good glide and a hard fade. It comes in 3 distinct versions the XG ‘Extra Glide’ the OS ‘Over Stable’ and standard. They are all good forehand discs. (JK Discs carries the standard Kahu only at this point)

  • Model #: DGD2
  • PDGA Approved: Yes
  • Diameter: 210mm
  • Speed: 13 for all versions
  • Glide: 5 for XG and standard 4 for OS
  • Turn: -1 to -2 for the standard and XG and +1 for the OS
  • Fade: 2 to 3 for XG and standard and 4 for OS
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Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 1.5 cm