Tournament Services

At JK Discs we’re a huge supporter and proponent of tournaments. Not only do we host numerous events every season, we also support PDGA Sanctioned tournaments across Alberta! Josh (#97425) and Todd (#97424) are both PDGA members and officials. Here are some of the ways we can help:

Vendor Presence

We work with many of the major manufacturers, and we carry a lot of inventory. JK Discs is happy to be one of your premier vendors at your event. We will bring tents, displays, and generally around $30,000 of inventory that your participants will have opportunity to peruse and purchase. We are able to take cash, credit and debit at our events. There is no cost to your tournament to have us there. And if we’re at your event, we will also showcase your event and promote it from our online web presence and social media.

If you are hosting a tournament, and we are invited to be one of your vendors, we will also provide either a % discount on all of our in-stock merchandise for your players, OR % of our sales back to your tournament in sponsorship money or prizes. Whichever way you choose, your tournament benefits!

Prize Outs

Many tournaments have a substantial number of prizes that the organizers have purchased from various manufacturers. However one of the challenges is often a prize is from one manufacturer, and the winner only plays with products from a different manufacturer. We can help with this in that we carry stock from a number of different brands. Instead of purchasing the prize in advance, you can tell us the dollar amount that each player has won, and they can “shop” in the store to pickup the prizes that they really want! AND, as part of our agreement with you, we can provide the winners the same discount, OR turn that discount back over to you in terms of sponsorship!

What does this look like? Let’s say your top prize for MA1 is $150. We would give you a coupon for $150 for that player to spend. We will either give that player % off all of their purchases. Or, we’ll sell the player $150 in product, but the tournament would only pay % less. Therefore your prize money goes further AND players can get the merchandise they want!

Player Packs

Most manufacturers will work with you to build player packages for your participants. But this means you have to work out the order arrangements, process money, work on shipping, and a number of details that can consume a lot of time. We are happy to help here too! We can do all of the work with the manufacturer (of your choice)! We’ll take care of the order process, numbers, payment, and shipping, and then just pass one invoice along to you. All at cost. You can do this, but we can take a load off your plate and do it for you.

Local Tournament Support

If we’re there as a vendor, we can help with all kinds of other stuff at the tournament. Need a place to turn score cards into? We’re there. Need someone to help with rules interpretations? We’re there. Need some help keeping things organized or dealing with some of the interesting characters that show up? We’re there. Need help with online registration and using DiscGolfScene? We’re there. Need us to run to get coffee? We’re there. We’ve been in your shoes, we know what it’s like. We want your event to be successful, run smooth, and that you enjoy the event. Because the more successful disc golf tournaments are, the more players enjoy the game, and the more people start playing! #GrowTheSport

Other Ideas

Have some other great ideas, or want to brainstorm a bit? Reach out to us directly! Start by sending a note to [email protected] and we’ll take it from there!