Praxis Ethereal Buddha



You know what they say, Praxis makes perfect!

The Praxis is designed to have a modern feel in the hand for accurate releases, the Praxis will be a staple in anyone’s approach game.  Looking for a putter that throws like a mid? We have you covered.

Behind the “Buddha” design

Those of our supporters who have been with us a while know that we have a soft spot for Eastern Philosophy. We wanted to put our own little twist on a pop art Buddha known as the “Lucky Buddha”. Smile, give the Lucky Buddhas belly a rub and enjoy being present and maybe even a little luck.

Flight Numbers: 3-3-0-1

Additional information

Weight .200 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 2 cm

DkTeal1 – 171g, DkTeal2 – 171g, Purple – 171g, Green – 172g, DkTeal – 172g, Indigo/Gold – 172g, Indigo/PurpleRed – 172g, Indigo/BluePurple – 172g, Red – 172g, Yellow – 173g, LtBlue – 173g, Blue – 173g, Grey – 173g, PaleGreen/Red – 174g, PaleGreen/Gold – 174g, PaleGreen/Green – 174g, Grey – 174g, Pink – 175g, Grey – 175g