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2021 World Champion James Conrad

James Conrad is the 2021 PDGA World Champion and MVP Disc Sports could not be more proud of our champion. James leads through quiet confidence, fierce competitiveness, immaculate professionalism, and a level of sportsmanship that is unrivaled in our sport – his drive and motivations embody the spirit of the Leading Edge, and we are here to celebrate him!

The first disc in the brand new James Conrad Lineup – the Nomad – will be available in soft, medium, and firm Electron. This disc was designed by James to represent his vision of what a putter could be, and we think he absolutely nailed it!

Don’t miss out on the Nomad SE either – Mike Inscho takes us on a trip out of this universe to capture the essence of the Nomad.

We are also announcing James Conrad’s first Signature Series disc – the Electron Envy! The disc James turned to for the Greatest Shot in Disc Golf History will now support his touring efforts – the best driving putter with the best putter thrower, what a pair!

If that wasn’t enough, we are also releasing a Special Edition (SE) Envy in Firm Electron to commemorate the Greatest Shot in Disc Golf History! The moment is captured brilliantly by art director Mike Inscho, and did we mention this SE is in the same colour combination and firmness as the exact disc that James threw in? Let the celebration continue – congratulations, James Conrad!