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Disc Golf Winding Down? or Winding Up?

It has been a very busy disc golf season, and there is still lots to come! Really looking forward to hosting AB Provincials here in Strathmore on September 26th and 27th! Find out more details at DiscGolfScene! There might still be a spot or two left, make sure you get on a waitlist!

We still have lots of inventory, and we are waiting to get even more inventory from our manufacturing partners (who are waiting for containers and containers of discs, bags, and more!) We will keep you updated as we hear of delivery dates coming up.

Get involved in your local league – lots of doubles events happening, some mini tournaments, and of course the ever popular glow rounds! It’s not too late to get started and introduce some new friends to the sport!

See you on the course!

PS. I added fenders and the new disc rack for my Compact Cart the other day! I love how the fenders keep the outside pockets from rubbing against the wheels, and the rack lifts the discs up and leaves a very generous storage space UN DERNEATH! It is pretty awesome – here’s a picture!