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Fierce and 5X Signature Series Discs Announcement

Whoa! Discraft has done it again and came out with some incredible new discs, new stamps – this time around Paige Pierce.

Paige Pierce hits it hard with the official release of her beloved Fierce Putter, sporting a retro stock stamp. PLUS she added 4 more Limited Edition First Run 5X Signature Series discs. Each of these Signature Series designs feature a newly designed top stamp with an iconic ghosted under-stamp quote from her father, Wayne Pierce.

Each of these Paige Pierce 5X Signature Series discs features the quote from Paige’s father, Wayne Pierce, as featured in the official Discraft sponsorship announcement. The full quote is ghost under-stamped on these 4 discs for a limited time. The announcement video can be seen below.

JK Discs is excited to see these discs – arriving the week of March 1st…;)