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Kastaplast Hello and Goodbye

We’re saying “Hello” to the new Kastaplast Stig, with a First Run mint release. This 6 5 -2 1 midrange driver is a little more understable and less fade than the Kaxe.

And we’re saying “Goodbye” to the Grym, Grym X, and Kaxe Z Soft with a very special, extraordinarily limited “Last Run”. Available only while quantities last, and in a very special Last Run Shimmering Green colour.

The Stig First Run and the Grym, Grym X, and Kaxe Z Soft Last Run will have varying foil colours, and are limited to one (1) per mold, per customer.

Of course you can check out our entire Kastaplast Collection here.

** Note: Last Runs are sold out, and only a few Stigs remain. If no discs show immediately after this line, then they are sold out.