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New Prodigy in stock!

Every day is a fun day when you are receiving brand new stock! Today saw some Prodigy discs! Some understable extreme distance X5’s, the amazing understable H5 Hybrid driver, some First Run H2 V2’s in 400 plastic!

And yes, we got some of the new Signature Series Discs!

Catrina Allen Signature Series Pa1 Putt & Approach in 300 plastic

Cale Leiviska Signature Series D1 Max in 400 plastic

Cameron Colglazier Signature Series H1 V2 in 400 plastic

Kevin Jones Signature Series H2 V2 in 400 plastic

and, can’t believe how gorgeous these discs are:

Kevin Jones Signature Series Spectrum 750 H2 V2’s and M3’s.