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New Targets and Stools!

Hey everyone! Got our Dynamic Discs Targets and Stool order today! Wow, is it ever fantastic! We brought in some of the Micro Recruit Targets – these amazing, solidly built targets are perfect for just about any room in your house! Hours and hours of fun and delight can be had throwing mini’s at this cool target!

Also a number of the Mini Recruit Targets! These awesome baskets are well-constructed, and super fun to play with your mini discs! Everyone needs one!

And yes, the Mesh Camp Stool! It’s here! Best thing ever for those super amazing disc golf rounds. Need a quick rest? Pull out your Dynamic Discs Mesh Camp Stool, you’ll be the envy of everyone on your team!

You can own one, and a target, and lots of other stuff by shopping in our store, or dropping by to one of our pop-up stores!