Buzzz 20th Anniversary Elite Z


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As we commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Buzzz, we are filled with immense pride and gratitude for the impact this disc has had on the game we so deeply love. Since its launch two decades ago, the Buzzz has not only been a cornerstone of our company but has also fundamentally transformed the sport.

On this milestone anniversary, we celebrate not just the success of the Buzzz, but the unity, creativity, and progress it represents for our beloved sport.

The Buzzz is disc golf’s most popular midrange due to its consistency and compatibility with a wide range of players styles. The Buzzz is a low profile modern midrange that is the gold standard for straight to stable flights players can trust.

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Pearl/BlueMetallic – 173-174g, Pearl/RedMetallic – 173-174g, PaleBlue/PurpleMetallic – 173-174g, LtYellow/BlueMetallic – 173-174g, Yellow/Silver – 173-174g, Orange/PurpleMetallic – 173-174g, LtYellow/Silver – 175-176g, Yellow/Orange – 175-176g, LtGreen/Gold – 175-176g, LtGreen/Shamrock – 175-176g, LtGrey/Silver – 175-176g, PaleBlue/Money – 175-176g, Blue/RainbowLaser – 175-176g, Blue/Blue – 175-176g, Blue/PaleBlue – 175-176g, Blue/Yellow – 175-176g, Orange/GreenMetallic – 175-176g, RustyPink/Black – 175-176g, Pink/GreenScratch – 175-176g, Pink/BrushedNickel – 175-176g, Red/GreenScratch – 175-176g, Red/DarkBlue – 175-176g, Purple/BlueMetallic – 175-176g, DustyPurple/BrightGreenStars – 175-176g, DustyPurple/LtBlueMetallic – 175-176g, Blue/Silver – 177+g, Yellow/Discraft – 177+g, Yellow/Money – 177+g, Smoke/PinkHearts – 177+g, Orange/RedMetallic – 177+g, Orange/Wonderbread – 177+g, Orange/White – 177+g, Pink/Snowflake – 177+g, Pink/Silver – 177+g, Pink/Yellow – 177+g, Purple/Teal – 177+g, Purple/SilverHearts – 177+g, Purple/Orange – 177+g, Pearl/Silver – 177+g, Pearl/BlueMetallic – 177+g, Pearl/Discraft – 177+g, Green/Black – 177+g, Green/BrightGreenStars – 177+g, Green/PurpleMetallic – 177+g, Green/Silver – 177+g