MG Thrasher Jawbreaker Z FLX TS 24



In 2024, Missy Gannon will once again feature the Thrasher as her Tour Series disc!

The Thrasher is designed to be a user-friendly distance driver with a flight path that provides considerable glide. This makes the Thrasher an excellent choice for players who may not have the most powerful arm speed but still require distance. Its ability to perform hyzer flips and long turnovers also makes it a versatile disc in a variety of situations.

Additional information

Weight N/A
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Orange/TealMetallicRainbow – 167-169g, YellowGreen/MaroonStarsnStripes – 167-169g, RustyOrange/PurpleRainbowShatter – 170-172g, Yellow/BurshedSilverBlack – 170-172g, Pink/OrangeBlack – 170-172g, Clear/TealMetallicSilverHearts – 170-172g, BluePink/BlackRainbow – 170-172g, PaleGreen/GreenRedMetallic – 170-172g, Peach/SilverStarsRainbow – 173-174g, Peach/BlackPinkWaterfall – 173-174g