MG Undertaker Z Swirl USWDGC



Mark a momentous victory with the exclusive USWDGC Commemorative Z Swirl Undertaker! The Undertaker is a disc that helped Missy Gannon achieve her first major title at the United States Women’s DiscGolf Championship! This special edition not only embodies this victory but also showcases a disc that Missy relies on throughout her season. Embrace the spirit of championship precision and reliability in your game with this collector’s piece!

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PurpleBlue/Champagne – 170-172g, SmokyPurple/Wonderbread – 170-172g, GreenOrange/Money – 170-172g, PinkPurple/CopperStars – 173-174g, YellowOrange/White – 173-174g, Yellow/CopperStars – 173-174g, GreenOrange/BlueMetallic – 173-174g, GreenOrange/RedMetallic – 173-174g, BerryPurple/Money – 173-174g, BlueOrange/PinkMetallic – 173-174g