RipT Showdown


Ript Showdown is an all new card game from KnA Games. The game features double sided cards allowing Disc Golfers to choose a side to play based on their style.

Will you be Good and play a defensive game, or Bad and attack your opponents mercilessly. Either way you hope to be the Lucky in the end and pull off a win. Showdown features all of the cards you love from Ript, Ript Revenge as well as all new cards.

We ship Ript Showdown all over the world. Contact us: [email protected] for shipping costs when ordering Ript Showdown.

Typical Shipping:

In Canada: Can usually be done for about $5.00, but you need to e-mail Josh ([email protected]) in advance, and he’ll explain. Essentially we take the deck apart, break down the box and flatten it into a birthday card sized envelope. When you receive it, you re-assemble it.

US Shipping: $9 flat rate via USPS

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Weight .110 kg
Dimensions 9 × 6.5 × 2 cm