TD S-Line


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The Reinvented TD is back and better than ever before! We’re pleased to announce the reintroduction of a fan favourite distance driver suitable for players of all skill levels. TD, fondly labeled as the “Rush” in the past, gives you an extremely neutral flight path with enough versatility to tackle a wide variety of shot shaping angles when you need them. Compared to some of the other drivers in the Originals line, a TD has a very smooth contour throughout, giving you a natural feel in your hand with a gradual shoulder, rounded nose, and gentle transition to the bottom part of the wing. Players that aren’t fond of the abrupt or “sharper” feeling of the flashing on some discs will enjoy how comfortable this will be to hold.

Want to compare it to something else you’re already familiar with? Think about it as a longer-flying Essence with that same familiar rounded and ergonomic feel to the overall shape of the disc.

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Orange/Purple – 173g, Orange/Purple – 174g, White/Pink – 175g, Orange/Purple – 175g, Pink/Red – 175g, Purple/Purple – 175g, White/Pink – 176g, Pink/Red – 176g