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2018 Strathmore Prodigy PAR2

We got up this morning and the wind was gusting between 40 and 60 Kilometres per hour, and it was very cool, and we wondered if we would have PAR2 today! But the weather report said it would slow down in the early afternoon.

As we started to setup at 11 AM, the wind died down, the sun came out and it ended up being a gloriously good weather day! With the help of some great locals – Pam, Ron, Brad, as well as the extended Kennedy family, we had the temporary 19 hole course setup in the same space as the first eight regular holes! Pam did a great job of designing the course, making great use of shade, and, er, trees.

By 12:30 PM, half an hour before registration time, the disc golfers were starting to show up, anxiously awaiting their turn to pick up their player packages, and get ready for a couple of rounds of disc golf on a beautiful hot sunny day!

Two rounds, a BBQ, and lots of prizes for everyone, another successful Strathmore Disc Golf Club Prodigy PAR2 tournament was completed! A huge shout out to everyone who helped, who loaned out their baskets, who played, and ate, and laughed, and visited, and made some incredible shots!

Congratulations to Dave Jenniex who was the overall first place winner, with a perfect round of PAR2 on each hole! Easily coasting to the finish line! Also congratulations to Glen Van Bussel, who won the $57 mulligan prize! And through the generosity of the players, another $57 is going to the Strathmore Disc Golf Club!

Thanks especially to Pam Seabrook for planning out the temporary course – it was a lot of fun!

Thank you Prodigy for the great player packages and the wonderful prizes!