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Latest Discraft Arrivals

What a fun day! The Discraft box arrived with our amazing Disc of the Month discs – you’re going to love them!

But we also received some extra tidbits!

A couple bags of Buzzz Snap Cap Micro Mini’s! These are incredible! Yep, these are the micro mini Buzzz discs that snap on top of your … pop can, so you won’t be spilling it all over the course while walking from hole to hole! Everyone needs a few of these in their bags!

Also got some Z-Line Wasps, the Michael Johansen special edition Comet in Z-Line, some Ringer-GT‘s in Jawbreaker, and some incredible Punishers, in Titanium plastic! These are truly amazing! Some absolutely gorgeous discs! Check them out! By the way, have you been to our brand new website? Our entire inventory can be viewed, AND ordered, online!