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New Inventory! – August 9

Wow! Lots of stock arrived today! It’s going to take awhile to get everything sorted, priced, and ready for sale! Might be a late night tonight!

Received Today:

  • Dynamic Discs Starter Kits with and without Cadet bags
  • Latitude 64 Snapback Hats
  • Dynamic Discs Crown License Plates
  • Latitude 64 Opto and Opto Air Discs (Very lightweight) Ballista, Ballista Pro, Bolt, Compass, Diamond, Explorer, Saint Pro, Jade, and Ruby!
  • Marvel Dyemax discs
  • Dynamic Discs Square Umbrellas
  • Westside BT Soft Burst Harp, Swan 2
  • Zuca Dynamic Discs Compact Cart

Drop by to the Strathmore Farmers Market on Friday and get a chance to peruse the new stock!