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Paul McBeth 6X

They are here! And we’ve done something completely different and new. Pictures of each disc are online. Yes, you read that correctly. We’ve started the process to update our inventory management, and taken pictures of every single 6X disc in stock. It was a massive task (as there are no duplicates!), and it took a little longer while we worked some of the bugs out. We are still working on our picture taking (not our best skill ever), but they do work.

As you shop for your 6X discs, click on the Attribute drop down menu, and you’ll get a small description, and the picture will change based on the disc you’re looking at and what we have in stock.

Moving forward, this will be the way all of our discs are displayed, but as many of you know what our inventory is like, it’s not going to happen overnight. Feel free to continue to ask about colours we have in stock for other areas of our inventory, and we are happy to send you some pictures. Any new releases we receive will have specific pictures online.

Thanks for supporting us! See below for links to the Paul McBeth 6X Collection!