Brave Royal Grand



When Latitude 64 designed the Brave they wanted to make a fairway driver that would improve the game of the average disc golfer, but also a multi-purpose driver that can give both new and more experienced disc golfers a great combination of distance and control. As Royal Line has plenty of overstable discs for the pro players already, this type of disc has been sought after. You could say that Brave is an understable version of their Explorer. It has an interesting combination of sneaky speed, extraordinary glide and somehow it’s still easy to control the flight. They were thrilled about the early feedback from team players, as it seems like Brave is exactly as good as they were hoping for.

These have potential to be disc of the year, and with a stunning feel and flight that will make any player want to try one! Don’t miss out!

Flight Numbers: 7 | 6 | -1 | 2

Additional information

Weight N/A
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Pink/Purple1 – 173g, Pink/Purple2 – 173g, Purple/Pink1 – 173g, Purple/Pink2 – 173g, Blue/Blue1 – 173g, Blue/Blue2 – 173g, Teal/Blue1 – 174g, Teal/Blue2 – 174g, Teal/Blue3 – 174g, White/Red – 174g