CD Buzzz Jawbreaker Z FLX TS 24



In 2024, for the third year in a row, Chris Dickerson will feature the Buzzz as his Tour Series disc!

The 2024 Tour Series Buzzz is revered for its versatility and reliability as a midrange disc. The combination of flight ratings makes the Buzzz a go-to disc for both new players and experienced competitors, as it performs consistently well in a variety of conditions and can handle an array of shot types, from straight lines to gentle anhyzers and hyzers.

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Pink/BlackGoldStars – 175-176g, Orange/LtGreenMetallicGoldDisco – 175-176g, PaleOrange/BlackCandyCorn – 177+g, Yellow/SilverPurpleRoses – 177+g, Yellow/WhiteStarsnStripes – 177+g, Orange/LtBlueMetallicSilverTron – 177+g, Blue/TealParty – 177+g, Yellow/RedGoldStars – 177+g, Pink/LtBlueShatterShamrocks – 177+g, OrangeYellow/MaroonWonderbread – 177+g