Glitch Neutron Soft


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The next great experiment from MVP R&D Lab, the Glitch is a hybrid catch disc designed to blur the lines between disc golf and a catch disc. The Glitch has the diameter of a putter and is PDGA approved as well, making it truly the best of both worlds. With flight numbers of 1 | 7 | 0 | 0, the Glitch is the first MVP disc with 7 glide — just a flick of the wrist is all that stands between you and a game of catch on the beach or an approach to the green! Neutron Soft plastic makes the Glitch easily catchable when throwing around with a friend, but it also makes the Glitch an awesome approach or scramble disc because of its tendency to sit where it lands.

Its neutral flight path makes it a tremendous first disc to learn with — making it a great first disc for players with Ultimate frisbee backgrounds and lower power players! Available in 140g-154g, don’t let its light weight fool you, the Glitch has enough aerodynamic stability and glide to be a useful tool on the course. For anyone who loves to throw discs, either on the course or just playing catch, the Glitch makes an awesome companion for a fun time and some awesome lines. There’s a spot in every player’s bag for the Glitch!


Additional information

Weight .200 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 1.5 cm

Orange/Black – 140-144g, Blue/Black – 140-144g, White/Black – 140-144g, White/Black – 145-149g, White – 144g, White – 152g, Yellow – 143g, Yellow – 144g, Orange – 149g, Red – 143g, Red – 147g, Red – 152g, Red – 151g, Pink – 152g, Pink – 143g, Mauve – 143g, Purple – 146g, BrightGreen – 152g, Teal – 152g, Blue – 146g, Blue – 148g, Blue – 152g, DkBlue – 152g, Grey – 144g, DkGrey – 143g, DkGrey – 146g, White – 143g, Red – 143g, Grey – 143g, Blue – 143g, Yellow – 143g, Teal – 143g, BrightGreen – 143g, White – 144g, Grey – 147g, Blue – 147g, BrightGreen – 147g, BrightGreenOrange – 147g, Purple – 147g, Orange – 148g, Green – 148g, Teal – 148g, Blue – 148g, White – 148g, White – 149g, BrightGreen – 149g, Orange – 149g, Red – 149g, Teal – 149g, LtOrange – 150g, Orange – 150g, Grey – 150g, Blue – 150g, DkBlue – 150g, Purple – 150g, White – 150g, Red – 150g, BrightGreenOrange – 150g, YellowOrange – 150g, Teal – 150g, Green – 150g, LtOrange – 151g, Teal – 152g