PM Kratos Prototype



Is Kratos the God of Disc Golf?

In collaboration with Paul McBeth, we’re thrilled to unveil the latest addition in our lineup, the Kratos! A disc designed to conquer the elements and master the course with divine precision, the Kratos is our new beaded, overstable putt and approach disc.


In Greek mythology Kratos is known for his strength, power, and might; a representation of authority over the physical world.

Why ‘Kratos’ for a Disc Name?

Kratos’ attributes mirror the qualities of this new disc, as it’s crafted to offer players unparalleled control and stability when faced in any situation on the course. It’s a disc that promises to stand strong against the elements and maintain its path, much like the demigod Kratos, and the challenges he faced along his journey.


  • Beaded Rim: The Kratos features a pronounced bead which aids in achieving a consistent release and enhances the disc’s stability during flight.
  • Flight Plate: With a firm yet grippy flight plate, the Kratos is designed to feel comfortable and secure in hand, ensuring confidence in every throw.
  • Stamp: This run features Paul McBeth’s prototype stamp, a tradition for all discs released under his line.
  • Weight: This run will not have weight stickers. Rather, it will have the weight etched onto the bottom of the disc.

Performance Expectations

This is an overstable putt and approach disc designed to deliver when it counts. Like the trusted Luna, but with a bead, this disc offers the control and reliability needed for those clutch moments on the course. This is a great option for those powerful arms expecting a reliable fade at the end of a discs flight. This makes it an ideal choice for:

  • Headwind approaches
  • Power putts
  • Controlled forehands
  • Strategic anhyzer fades

Whether you’re sinking putts or threading approaches, the Kratos is your ticket to a more consistent and reliable game. Don’t just play; dominate the course with a disc that’s set to become a staple in bags everywhere.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Black/GoldShatter – 168g, DkGreen/Jellybean – 171g, DkGreen/Jellybean – 172g, MossyGreen/Jellybean – 172g, GreenGrey/Jellybean – 172g, Pink/StarsnStripes – 172g, Black/GoldShatter – 173g, Orange/Rainbow – 173g, Raspberry/PinkShatter – 173g, DirtyGreen/GoldShatter – 173g, Grey/SilverShatter – 173g, DirtyGreen/GoldShatter – 174g, Blue/Rainbow – 174g, Raspberry/PinkShatter – 174g, Brown/Rainbow – 174g, Black/GoldShatter – 174g, Orange/Rainbow – 174g