Time-Lapse Neutron SE Simon Line



Mike Inscho is back to deliver the first Special Edition disc in the Simon Line, and the first 12-speed Distance Driver in the MVP Disc Sports lineup. Featuring a gorgeous triple-foil rendition of a disc striking through everything in its way, it perfectly encapsulates the Simon Line ethos on a disc that is sure to be a winner. Don’t let anything stand in your way on the course – break through and shoot for the stars with the Special Edition Neutron Time-Lapse! Special Edition releases only happen once, so get yours while you can!

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Grey/Green – 171g, GreySwirl/Green – 172g, PinkSwirl/DkBlue – 172g, BluePinkSwirl/Teal – 172g, GreyGreen/LtOrange – 172g, BlueSwirl/Red – 172g, LtBlueSwirl/Orange – 172g, BlueSwirl/Orange – 172g, RedSwirl/Teal – 172g, Red/Yellow – 172g, PeachSwirl/Orange – 172g, DirtyYellow/BrightGreen – 173g, OrangeGreenSwirl/Red – 173g, GreenBlueSwirl/Teal – 173g, Green/Yellow – 173g, Green/Teal – 173g, LtBlueSwirl/Red – 174g, LtGreySwirl/Purple – 174g, Purple/Orange – 174g, Green/DkGrey – 174g